We provide
integrated services
in import and export.


International Trade

As a result of globalization, international trade rules are constantly undergoing a revision process at all times.

As your partner, we will ensure your company is compliant with all the latest policies and regulations to avoid spending a great amount of time keeping up with all the revisions.

We provide integrated services in import and export.

We combine knowledge of international trade and its processes with our experience. We focus on compliance to ensure a seamless international trade experience for all our clients.

Whether experienced with international trade activities or new in the position, our staff will make sure our clients safely comply with duty and non-duty regulations even before a project starts to make sure duties and taxes costs are optimized for your entire operation.

Let one of our bilinguals, bi-cultural coordinators deal with issues such as language barriers, cultural understanding, time differences, security issues, HTS classification, and specific customs “country” rules, we will track your shipment and coordinate border crossing so that your shipment reaches its final destination in a safe, seamless, and swift manner.

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