VITTI LOGISTICS is a third party logistics company and asset based carrier offering flexible logistics solutions for manufacturers, retailers and distributors across North America.

Weather is transportation, customs brokerage or contract logistics, we are here to help.

Optimize your logistics cost!

The transportation market can fluctuate in a matter of days so it's also important to understand how your OTR strategy is performing today to drive efficiency and savings in the future, our TMS will provide your KPI's to monitor closely.


Sometimes the business plan and logistics reality just don’t fit together.
We DO understand time critical transportation, let our customer service representatives handle your shipment and meet your required delivery window!

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Our Locations!

Our multiple locations are strategically located in the US and all the way down to cover the main industrial corridor in Mexico.

Our Technology

Powered By Sophisticated API-Based architecture, Tenon Brings Innovation Solutions to Enhance Performance and Improve Services

Compliance above all!

As a result of globalization, International trade rules are under an on-going revision process at all time, this causes companies to spend great amount of time understanding updated policies and regulations.
At VITTI, our dedicated team of supply chain and logistics experts track your shipment and coordinate border crossing so that your shipment reaches it’s final destination in a safe, seamless, and swift manner. Whether you are seasoned with international trade activities or new in the position, our staff will guide you to make sure all tariff and non-tariff regulations are covered!